Lululemon Sale Jute exports expected to rise

Jute exports expected to rise 33

Exports of jute products from the country is expected to touch Rs 2,800 crore in value in 2013 14 on the back of an increase in demand from the West, said Beela Rajesh, Executive Director, Handloom Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Textiles.

In 2012 13, exports stood at Rs 2,094 crore.

The global jute import market, which went through a lean period from 2011 to mid 2012, is picking up again as top markets Europe and the US restarted buying.

Growing acceptance of jute bags Lululemon Sale as a personal accessory, and s Lululemon Sale hopping bags made of the fibre for its eco friendly nature, are brightening its prospects in the West, she said, adding that floor coverings, wall hangings, gunny bags, and gift articles are also being bought.

Data put up by the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics says export of floor coverings totalled Rs 142.9 crore during April September 2013,while jute Hessian bags touched Rs 405 crore and other jute products hit Rs 475.4 crore, signalling str Lululemon Sale ong demand.

originally, was not used for purposes beyond covering floors. But with treatment and printing, it looks and feels as good as fabric, she said speaking at a buyer seller meet organised by National Jute Board in association with Federation of Indian Exp Lululemon Sale ort Organisations.

National Jute Board and Jute Product Development and Export Promotion Council, set up in 2011, are funding entrepreneurs interested in jute product manufacturing, and helping manufacturers upgrade facilities.

Traditionally based in West Bengal, the jute business is spreading to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The much-awaited boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which definitely pushed fans to an excitement of unknown proportions, has caused a big stir among the many supporters of both boxing heroes. That big stir has possibly solicited betting on who will emerge as the champ. Betting picks between the two professional boxers may still be in question until now because of the question on whether the unanimous decision favoring Mayweather is fair or not.

In what was dubbed as the fight of the century, fans not only from the USA and Asia have clamored for action and breath-stopping suspense as every single person at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and those glued to their TVs and online streaming computers held on to who they are rooting for. But, the American persisted and the judges handed the championship belt to him, leaving Pacquiao and his many fans worldwide dumbfounded because for them, clearly, Pacquiao displayed the advantage.

There’s the technical fighter who has shown his innate and acquired skills in a display of quick pivots to dodge, if not evade Pacquiao’s attacks altogether. There’s the underdog – the more charismatic and likable boxer who have his own impressive portfolio to boot. Both do not have much time as they have gone past their primes where boxing age is concerned. Both have grown and possibly outgrown habits they have individually picked up over the long years they have been exposed to this sport.

At the end of the punches that hit and missed the opponent and the fleeting dancing around the ring, the cards read 116 to 112 on two judges and 118 to 110 on one. It was unanimous, giving Mayweather the unbeaten record of 48-0.

To an average fan on the side of Pacquiao, the fight may not be exhilarating especially seeing how Mayweather have simply put his footwork in full blast and the Filipino hero spent the night stalking his nemesis with punches that Mayweather may have grabbed hold of or slid past through. In the eyes of purists who think it was a good showcase of professional skills in a championship boxing match, the fight does not appear to be easy to score (in defense of the judges).

For the ordinary person, it is not a question of who should have won or not, but rather it is a question of what lessons can be learned out of this:

  • See what’s coming your way and avoid getting hit by being 100% fit.
  • Respect the opponent. Know that the other guy could and would hit you, so do not just concentrate on your own power.
  • Be a smart fighter and never rush.

Those who expected bloodbath were the most disappointed lot as the bout twisted itself to a technical match, prompting each fighter to not swing the punches as if there is death lurking. Betting picks got rattled and bettors were left without the action-packed scenarios they have painted in their minds, but the bottom line is – the better one must have truly emerged. Who that better one is relative to who is making the choice and the assessment.

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Iowa Taxpayers Footing the Bill For Research Into Online Gambling.

The people of Iowa were outraged when it was recently decided that online gambling would remain illegal within the state. It was widely assumed that the state legislation would be changed to allow online poker. In fact a voter poll in De Moines showed that 75% of residents had no desire to see a bill outlawing regulations.

It seems as though Iowa lawmakers may have changed their stance regarding online gambling regulation. Maybe.

Senate File 526 passed unanimously on Wednesday. The bill, for better or for worse, calls for the Iowa Racing and Gambling Commission to begin researching the potential effects of regulating online casinos. Taxpayers will be paying for the research which many residents consider superfluous.

Iowa lawmakers have attempted to justify the bill by stating that they need to sufficiently research the ways in which online gambling regulations will benefit the state, if any. As it is now, a large portion of the Iowa state budget is occupied by on-land gambling. Perhaps the lawmakers just want to see how much of the budget will be used up as a means to regulate and operate intrastate online gambling.

If the research is promising enough, maybe the state can divert some funds from the budget reserved for on-land casinos. That might sway lawmakers’ opinions toward regulation. However, if it appears as though separate budget money will have to be dedicated to the cause, residents of Iowa can likely rule it out for the time being.

Whatever the studies might show, the results are expected to be brought before lawmakers come December. This will guarantee one thing, if nothing else: come 2012, there is going to be a great deal of debating going on in regards to regulating internet gambling.

Canada Friendly Online Casino Spotlight: Bodog Casino

Bodog Canada Casino has risen to the highest ranks of best canada online casinos, and can regularly be spotted at the top of many a Top 10 List around the internet. It is licensed and operated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group of Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada. Even still, since its beginning the site has always had an intention to deliver best Canadian casinos online gambling to the US Market, and is one of the few who continues to do so in light of Black Friday.

Founded in 1994 as an online sports bookie, Bodog quickly expanded its reach to cover all areas of online gambling. The company’s first foray into interactive gaming came in the form of Bodog Poker, which won great acclaim amongst professionals in the industry, as well as with casual players looking to spend a little money and kill a little time.

So how is it?

Players can expect a wide range of games covering all tastes. With well over 100 games to be enjoyed, Bodog has every cross-section of the online gambling crowd covered. Every bit of software has been developed and designed by the gaming geniuses at RealTime Gaming.

Depending upon your operating system (Windows or Mac), or based solely on your preference, Bodog offers players two different ways in which to enjoy their games. Players can either download the software suite, or they can opt to play a web-based non-downloadable version powered by Flash. While the instant play feature is nice because it does not take up space on your hard drive, it also comes missing a few games in each category. Players should also note that the downloadable version of the suite is not compatible with Mac computers. Those who own Macs can, however, enjoy the flash-powered Instant Play version.

Here is a breakdown of the games:

Table Games: There are more than a dozen table game simulators, brought to players with amazing 3D graphics. One might even be fooled into reaching out to touch the felt on the tables. Games include: Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette (both American and European variations), Baccarat and more.

Slots: The online slots at Bodog make up the majority of the game offerings. With more than sixty unique online slots, from classic 3 Reel machines to more advanced Video Slots, players are likely to run out of time before they run out of games to play. Since the site is powered by RealTime Gaming, players can enjoy the company’s popular Real-Series Slots.
Video Poker: For fans of pub-style Video Poker machines, Bodog makes sure to bring the goods. With over a dozen machines to choose from, each with their own unique theme and design, players will want to make sure to give ‘em all a try before settling on just one.
Specialty Games: Rounding out the games are the Specialty Games, such as Bingo and Scratch Cards. There are many online casinos that offer traditional Vegas-style casino games, but very few that offer these kinds which are popular in the UK. Kudos to Bodog for bringing them over to the States.

Now, how are the promotions? After all, players love bonuses and incentives.

Bodog Casino provides players with plenty of opportunities to win big, though their Welcome Bonus is slightly disappointing. For every new user, Bodog matches first deposits by 20%. If you deposit $250, prepare to get $25 free from Bodog. It isn’t terrible, but compared to other Welcome Bonuses out there… it’s a little, well, light. However, for every friend a players refers to the site, Bodog pays out $100 as part of their Referral Plan. So start spreading the word.

At the exposition, manufacturers from the South showcased printed wall hangings that were treated to smoothen the texture of the fibre, something that will find purchase in Western markets, said T. Ayyapan, Market Promotion Officer, NJB.